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LinX Software Suite 4


LinX Software Suite is an open and modular Software Application platform based on Linux and Qt. The platform runs on all CrossControl display and controller products with advanced ARM or x86 cores, covering displays in the size range 3.5’’ to 15’’.

Through its modularity, the platform can be used to achieve basic HMI and machine control functionality as well as advanced operational support features - e.g. telematics, wireless applications, video systems, GPS positioning applications and integration of Smart devices.

With LinX Software Suite you have a platform for realizing multifunctional equipment HMI and control systems without limitations.

For more information see:

LinX Software Suite - Product leaflet.pdf

LinX Software Suite

LinX Software Suite 4.0 - the software platform for designing and building applications for CrossControl display computers and main controllers.
It provides the tool chain UX Designer, which is a virtual machine based on Linux, pre-packaged with the LinX components, i.e. Qt, Data Engine, Fieldbus Access and Enterprise Connect. To quickly get started it is also prepared with templates, examples, graphics components, SDK, cross-compilers, and libraries for our different devices.

To get started, read and follow the step-by-step guide "UX Designer – Getting Started v4.0.pdf" below.

Product Documentation

Product Downloads

LinX-Base runtimes

Bash install

The following packages install all necessary runtime libraries for Data Engine, Fieldbus Access and Qt.
Download and install the corresponding package on the unit and run it as a normal bash script.

Device packages LinX-Base v3.0.9 requires version 4.0.3 of the virtual machine "LinX-Software_Suite_DevEnv"
with VM4_LinX-Base_v.3.0.9 installed!

(VM4_LinX-Base does not include Qt-5.12.0 RT since it comes preinstalled in VM 4.0.3, hence the smaller package size)

Examples and more info

See Knowledge base for application examples, FAQ and tips'n'tricks.

Older versions

LinX Software Suite 2