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940-083 Antenna Bluetooth/WLAN Stub antenna, SMA connector
920-057 CAP - M12 outer thread, Plastic
920-132 CAP - M12 inner thread, Plastic
920C059 CAP - M12 inner thread, Metal
920C060 CAP - M12 outer thread, Metal
859-206 Cable I/O Straight M12 5-pole male to Open ended, 5m
859C012 Cable I/O 90° M12 5-pole female to Open ended, 5m
C000002-31 Cable Power - Straight M12 to Laboratory plugs, 2m
C000002-40 Cable Power 90° M12 to Open ended, 5m
C000048-100 Cable Power 90° M12 to Laboratory plugs, 2m