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Access and browse DataEngines persistent database values

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In the LinX Virtual Development Machine you will find an Graphical application called Flamerobin that you could use to access the database file on your CCpilot device.

This could be usefull if you would like to assert current values or use your own firebird dbf implementation.

In VM, start flamerobin

# flamerobin


GUI-application starts!


Flamerobin Graphical User Interface

Add your device server:

Chose Server from menu and “Register server…”

Name: <preferred name of Server>

Hostname: <IPaddress of device>

Port number: <> (leave blank)


Add your database file:

Right click on the new Server Icon and choose “Register existing database”

Display name: <preferred name of database>

Database path: </tmp/fbdb_fs/linx.fdb> 

User name: <SYSDBA>

Password: <cc…>
















Right click on new db icon and connect.

Right click on preferred table and chose “Browse Data”


Browse Signals
























Environment and Versions: 

LinX Virtual Development Machine  >= 2.0.0