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Auto update CODESYS application from USB

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This information assumes that you are familiar with working in Codesys.
The dcoument attached to this article, covers the situation when you already have a working development environment and the runtime is already installed on the target unit. It will also describe how you create files on an USB-stick that will be automatically installed in the display, when the USB is inserted in an USB-port.

The ZIP-file attached contains a copy of the cc-auto.sh and an install-screen used in the script.

It is valid for all our iMX5 displays (XA/XS, VC/VA). For ou iMX6 displays (VS/VI2) there are some things that differ.

Make sure that you look in the correct document attached at the bottom of this article!

Step 1: Update Codesys application on target device

Make all changes and updates to your CODESYS application in your development environment and test it on your target display.

Step 2: Create Boot application

When you have finished 'Step 1', you want to deploy the updated application to your other target display units, so you need to create a Boot Application.

Step 3: Automatic installation from USB

This section describes how to create an automated way to update several displays with the same Codesys application. The files will be saved on an USB-stick and automatically installed when the USB is inserted in the display.

If you have the possibility, try the auto-installation on one of your own displays, before doing it on the field to be sure that the update is working correctly!

Also be aware of the fact, that if you turn off the autostart of the CC settings screen (StartupGui), you won’t be able to ‘see’ the IP address of the display!
The advice is to set a static IP address on your unit so you will be able to find it and so you can connect to it!

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