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Change Qt Creator font

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This article describes how to alter the font used by Qt Creator in LinX Software Suite 3.0.
While it is possible to change the font used by the text editor within Qt Creator, it is not possible to change font which is used for menus etc. through a setting; it has to be made outside of Qt Creator.

Follow these steps to change the font used by Qt Creator:

  1. Close Qt Creator
  2. Open the directory /opt/Qt-5.7.1/lib/fonts
  3. Create a backup directory on a suitable location (under fonts for example)
  4. Move all the fonts to the backup directory
  5. Place one font of your choosing in /opt/Qt-5.7.1/lib/fonts
  6. Start Qt Creator

The selected font will now be used by Qt Creator. It is also available to choose as a Text Editor font through the settings. Qt Creator will use a “Source Code Pro” as the default font if the font directory is empty.

Below are examples on the default font, DejuVuMono and an empty /opt/Qt-5.7.1/lib/fonts directory:


Applies to version: 
LinX Software Suite 3.0