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CODESYS - Portrait Mode

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This article will describe how to use a CODESYS application in portrait mode on a CCPilot display.

This article was tested with the following display and settings:

  1. CCPilot VA
  2. CODESYS v3.5.9.3
To rotate the display:
  1. Log into the display with Putty and move to the '/opt/CoDeSysControl' directory
  2. Type 'nano codesys-launch.sh'
  3. Scroll down in the file to where it shows 'QWS_COMMANDLINE_PARAM="-qws";'
  4. Edit the line so it now reads 'QWS_COMMANDLINE_PARAM="-qws -display transformed:rot90";' where the '90' is the degree of rotation
  5. Press 'Ctrl + x' to exit and reboot the display
To setup the CODESYS project:
  1. You will need to modify the Visualization resolution to be the portrait mode resolution of the display. If you have created your visualization in landscape orientation this will require some slight modification and adjustment.
    - VC/VA/XA: 480x800
    - XS: 768x1024
    An example project is posted below for the VC/VA/XA display resolutions.
Note: While this was tested on a VA display it will likely work with all displays using CODESYS v3.5.9.3. Older versions of the runtime may also work although each hasn't been tested..

Binary Data rotated_visu.projectarchive20.63 MB
Environment and Versions: