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connecting an All-Integrated to the internet using the GSM modem

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1. GSM/GPRS Modem initialization (see pic 1)
Power on the GSM modem with the settings in CCsettings Telematics Tab. The modem should be available to the CCsettings program, only after power on operation.
2. GSM/GPRS Modem usage (see pic 2)
Prepare GSM configuration for network access.

Exercise the GSM modem with the function tabs of the test program to connect to/use the modem GSM modem. Issue the very simple AT command “AT” in the dialogue box (response should be “OK”
3. GSM/GPRS Modem PPPD communication set up
Tests the functionality of the pppd communication.

Prerequisites: Previous test, SIM card setup is done

Power on the GSM modem CCSettings Telematics Tab.
Initiate pppd by:
# /etc/init.d/ppp start
Wait until connection is up. (can be upto ~20seconds)
# /etc/init.d/ppp test
Ping any external host to verify connectivity, i.e.:
# ping viini.fi