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Design window appears offset in the QuiC tool

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Sometimes, based on your computer settings, the design window in the QuiC tool may appear offset from where the screen is supposed to be located in the tool. This may also cause a portion of the screen to be cut off and widgets added in the tool designer to appear in slightly different locations when the configuration is built and run on the display. Below is a picture of how this issue may present:


To fix this issue you will need to change a setting on your host windows machine. First close the QuiC tool.


Now go to the control panel of your windows machine and select 'Appearance and Personalization' from the catagories menu.


Next, select 'Make text and other items larger or smaller'



Now, make sure 'Smaller - 100%' is selected from the list of options and click 'Apply' at the bottom.



This should fix your issue!




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Version of the tool

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