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Installing the LinX Base runtime on a CCpilot

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When you order a product with LinX Base (UX Designer and Data Engine) the required runtime will be pre-installed.
If you still need to download this runtime package manually, follow the steps below.
This article is valid for CCpilot XA, XS, VA, VC, VS and VI2.

Download the LinX Base runtime for your display

In the virtual machine, open the Firefox web browser and navigate to the CrossControl support site. Under “Product Information” > “Software” > “LinX Software Suite” select and download the LinX-Base installation file for your display from the section “LinX-Base runtimes”.

You can see the download progress in the top right corner of the window. Wait for the download to complete. By default, the files get downloaded to the folder “Downloads” in your home folder.

Transfer the runtime installation file to the CCpilot

In the virtual machine, open a terminal window.
Change to the download folder by entering

  • cd Downloads

Make sure that you know the IP address of your CCpilot (/opt/bin/snb_reader)
Enter the following command in the terminal window, replacing linx-base_[version]_[target].run with the proper filename of the file you just downloaded and #.#.#.# with the IP address of the CCpilot:

  • scp linx-base_[version]_[target].run root@#.#.#.#:/opt

Write “yes” if you get asked “Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?”
When asked for the password, enter the root-password “suseroot”.

Install the runtime on the CCpilot

While still in the terminal window, enter

  • ssh root@#.#.#.#

where #.#.#.# is the IP address of your CCpilot.
When logged in with the password “suseroot”, enter

  • cd /opt
  • chmod +x ./linx-base_[version]_[target].run

Don’t forget to replace “linx-base_[version]_[target].run” with the filename of the installation file.
The runtime installation takes around one minute and will finish by listing the installed packages.
Reboot the unit by writing

  • reboot


Environment and Versions: 
CCpilot i.MX 5, CCpilot i.MX 6