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Installing the LinX Base runtime on a CCpilot iMX6 (VM3)

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When you order a product with LinX Base (UX Designer, Data Engine, Fieldbus Access, LinX-Manager etc.) the required runtime will be pre-installed.
If you still need to download this runtime package manually, follow the steps below.
(This article is valid for CCpilot VS and CCpilot VI2 displays)

The runtimes will install from our LinX Software Suite Development Virtual Machine.

In the virtual machine, open a console and navigate to folder /opt/VS/targetInstallation (/opt/VI2/targetInstallation for VI2).

Execute the DEPLOY.sh script with your CCpilot VS ip-address as argument by typing
# ./DEPLOY.sh "ip-address"

All needed runtimes and files will automatically transfer to your target device and install itself. Follow the installation progress from the console output. This will take approximately 1 to 2 minutes.

Environment and Versions: 

CCpilot iMX6