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Modifying LinX (Maximatecc) widgets

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The custom widgets provided by Maximatecc and integrated into the Qt widget palate are different from the stardard Qt widgets in the palate because they use images to form the widget.  This means that modifying the stylesheets, as can be done with the standard Qt widgets, will not work with the LinX specific widgets.  They can still be modified to fit the look and feel for custom applicatoins though but this is done by creating and replacing the standard images used in the widget.  As a simple example, the LinX button called 'CCSvgOnOffButton' is created with two images.  When the button is pushed it simply cycles between the two images.  The user can change one or both of these images so the widget will load and cycle to the user specific image.


The storage location for LinX widget images on the Virtual Machine is '/opt/mtcc/images'.  In this location there are many folders which are linked to the LinX widget in the widget properties.  One of the most common widgets customers want to modify is the gauge widgets.  The attached document describes options for modifying gauge widgets to a more custom gauge design.  This document should also serve as an introduction for how to modify other LinX based widgets.



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