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QML Example Project - Part 1

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This example shows a basic QML application and how to interact between the QML graphics front-end with the C++ back-end, including how to use the CCaux library.

In this example we have one screen that displays a few of the custom built CrossControl QML components. Two C++ classes (CCAux and calc_example) have been created, registered and exposed to QML in main.cpp.

The example shows how to use CCAux functions to retrieve the device’s type, IP address and serial number and display those on the screen in text.

The current brightness is also configurable using the ButtonSlider component (leftmost in the screen), with the VerticalMeter (rightmost) displaying the current setting as well. The CircularMeter (centered) uses a C++ function to randomly generate its displayed values.



  • QML and connection to C++
  • The use of CrossControl QML components
  • CCAux library:
    • DeviceType
    • Brightness
    • IP Address
    • Unit Serial Number
Package icon QML Example 1 (Qt-5.4.0) x86 & ARM21.86 MB
Environment and Versions: 

DataEngine 3.0.1

LinX-Base 2.1.0