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QML Example Project - Part 2

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This example is an extension to Example_Project_1, showing how to use the hard buttons and how to navigate between different pages. In this example the number of screens has been increased to three, and they have all been incorporated in a Flickable component. This allows the user to swipe to change between screens and to use the indicator at the bottom to know which of the three screens that is active.

Screen 1 is the same screen as in Example_Project_1.

Screen 2 uses the CCAux class to demonstrate how to read the hardware buttons (available in CCPilot VC, VA etc) from QML.

Screen 3 is under construction to later contain an example of how to connect an analogue camera video feed into QML.



  • Flickable component to allow for swiping to change between screens
  • CCAux library:
    • Hardware buttons (certain models) and connection to QML
  • Analogue camera (under construction)


Package icon QML Example 2 (Qt-5.4.0) ARM21.9 MB
Environment and Versions: 

DataEngine 3.0.1

LinX-Base 2.1.0