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QML Example Project - Part 3

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This example is an extension to Example_Project_2, showing the use of Data Engine and Fieldbus Access. A fourth screen has been added, where two receiving signal values are being presented as well as two outgoing signal values. The outgoing values can be set using the “+” and “-“ buttons.

All classes and the signal setup are auto-generated using the Fieldbus Access plugin in Qt Creator. The only programming needed before using the signals in QML are then:

1. Create a DataEngine object

    DataEngine dataEngine;

2. Register the type

     qmlRegisterUncreatableType<DataEngine>("CrossControl", 1,0, "DataEngine","can not instantiate DataEngine in qml");

3. Pass the handle to the frontend

     view->rootContext()->setContextProperty("dataEngine", &dataEngine);


  • DataEngine
  • FieldBus Access
Package icon QML Example 3 (Qt-5.4.0) ARM22.32 MB
Environment and Versions: 

DataEngine 3.0.1

LinX-Base 2.1.0