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Qt - Analog Video Example

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The posted example below demonstrates how to setup and show an analog video channel on the displays.  This particular example was done on a VA display but it should work on all displays.  As mentioned in code commenting, on the X-series displays, the display can power the video camera by a 5V output.  I have shown how this can be accomplished in code but commented it out.

While the posted example is quite simple and shows how to setup, show and hide a single video channel on a screen there is a lot that can be done with video on the display platforms.  For example, video can be cropped, mirrored, rotated and scaled.  You can also set it to allow for graphics overlays.  For a full list of available video functions please review CCAux documentation, specifically fuctions available in 'Video.h'.

To use this example, copy the attached .tar file to your Virtual Machine, extract files and load the .pro file into Qt. Build and load onto an ARM based display. If using an x86 based display you will need to add the x86 kit and recompile.

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