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Qt Creator occasionally hangs in LinX Virtual Machine

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On rare occasions, there is a chance that Qt Creator freezes and becomes unresponsive when started. Depending on the behavior of the failure, there are two common solution for this problem.


One problem is when a .lock-file for Qt Creator is for some reason not cleared correctly. In this case, this needs to be removed manually.
Open the directory and remove QtCreator.ini.lock if it is present in the directory:

cd ~/.config/QtCreator 
rm QtCreator.ini.lock

Welcome Screen

If the first solution is not solving the issue, another method which could be applied is to de-activate the Welcome Screen in Qt Creator. This is done in two steps, first starting Qt Creator with the disable flag and the second step (optional) is to disable the Welcome Screen from within Qt Creator once started.

To start Qt Creator from the terminal without the the Welcome Screen, use the following command:

/opt/Qt-5.4.0/Tools/QtCreator/bin/qtcreator -noload Welcome

Once the command is executed it should load up Qt Creator without the Welcome Screen. The second step which is optional is to disable the scren:

  1. In Qt Creator, go to Help --> About Plugins...
  2. Uncheck Qt Creator --> Welcome
  3. Restart Qt Creator

One of these presented solution should hopefully solve the problem with freezes of Qt Creator.

Environment and Versions: 

LinX Software Suite Develop Environment v2.0.2