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Qt - Using Configurable IO on the VC / VA

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The attached example shows how to use the configurable inputs on the VC and VA devices.  The code is well commented.  Further information about the functions available can be found in the CCAux documenation found on the display specific page of our support site.  Currently, both the VA and VC display use CCAux 2.8.3 which can be found here: 


This may be updated in future releases so please check the most up to date version of CCAux and make sure you are using the correct documenation.

Note: On both the VA and VC devices there was an issue in some OS releases which will prevent this and other functions specific to CCAux version 2.8.3 from working.  If you attempt to run this example and the inputs don't work (in which case the debug output should print an error in the application) please take the following steps to make sure this example, as well as other CCAux 2.8.3, will work.

  • Log into the display with the terminal
  • Navigate to the '/opt/lib' directory ('cd /opt/lib')
  • Type 'ls libcc-aux2.so*'
  • If there are files that are listed do the following:
    • Type 'rm libcc-aux2.so*' and press enter
    • Reboot the display

This issue should be resolved in future versions of the OS.



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