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Remove default Weston ToolBar and add desktop image

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This article will show how to add this function/configuration if you want to change the look of the desktop. The configuration file “weston.ini” should come with the standard Linux image for CCP VS. It is used to replace the original desktop that could be seen below the CClauncher application or the customers own application. With this file it is possible to show a picture chosen by the customer.

In the first releases of the CCP VS Linux image, this file is not present. You can use the ‘weston.ini’ file that can be found in the ZIP-file, attached to this article. Edit the contents, to get the desktop-look that you want.

This file contains the following text:


The option “panel-location” is used by Linux images with version or older.
(Newer releases must use the option “panel-position”, otherwise the weston ToolBar will still be visible!)
The color option set to 0x00000000 is black.
The image option is a path to the image that will be shown on the desktop. Note, the image should be exactly 1280x800 pixels. If it is smaller, it will be shown as tile. The CrossControl-logo in the ZIP-file attached to this article, has that size.

Do the following steps:

  1. Make OS on VS writeable:
    # sudo mount -o remount,rw / 
  2. Create the folder below and copy weston.ini to the folder:
    # sudo mkdir /etc/xdg/weston  
  3. Put the file “weston.ini” file on an USB stick and insert into VS

  4. Copy “weston.ini” to the folder:
    # cp /media/usbsda1/weston.ini /etc/xdg/weston  
  5. Place the new desktop-logo in the folder stated in weston.ini file:
    # cp /media/usbsda1/Weston_background_image.jpg /opt/etc  
  6. Remove autostart of CClauncher application:
    # cd /opt/etc/rc5.d
    # ln –sf /dev/null S10cclauncher
  7. Reboot the VS:
    # sudo reboot
  8. The toolbar should disappear and the desktop logo added shall be shown!

The default desktop and toolbar.
Image icon Default desktop and toobar447.94 KB
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