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Splash Screen

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Depending on whether your device is running CCLinux, the method for modifying the boot splash differs.

1. CCpilot XA, XS, VA and VC

In order to show an image during boot-up on a CCpilot, the following script can be used. It shows the image within 5 seconds on the screen.

To create and execute the script do the following:

  • Log into the display
  • Create the script (in the init.d folder)
    • Type 'cd /opt/etc/init.d'
    • Type 'nano SplashScript'
    • An in-terminal text editor will open.  Copy and paste the text below into the text file:
    • #!/bin/sh 
      fbv -d 1 /opt/image.png &
    • Press the 'cntr' and 'x' button simultaniously to save the file
    • Once saved type 'chmod +x SplashScript' to make the file executable
  • Create a symbolic link to execute the script as the display starts up
    • Type 'cd /opt/etc/rc3.d/'
    • Type 'ln -s /opt/etc/init.d/SplashScript S05SplashScreen'
  • Copy your splash screen picture to the '/opt' directory of the display.  According to the script above the picture must be named 'image.png' to work.  If you would like to change the directory location or name of the file this also must be changed in the script above.

*Note: Some customers have experienced an issue where there is a small black square that appears in the top corner of their splash screen image. This seems to be related to the S03cross-system script. If this is an issue you can change the S01SplashScreen symbolic link created above to S05SplashScreen.

Once you restart the display it should boot first to your splash screen image before you application is loaded.

Attached is an script file which will automatically create the necessary scripts and place the user splash screen image in the correct directories. To use, download the zip file, extract and follow the README file.

2. CCpilot VS and VI

The CCLinux reference image comes with a default boot splash screen containing a black background with a white progress bar. The boot splash used is called psplash; third party software released under the GPL2 license. If desired, it is possible to add a picture/logo and change the colors of the boot splash. In order to do so, the psplash source code needs to be modified and the binaries recompiled. Please read the attached document CCLinux - change boot splash appearance for instructions on how to rebuild the boot splash binaries.

Applies to version: 
All ARM based displays