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Text on display appears different than in Virtual Machine

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Sometimes when developing your User Interface in the virtual machine text may appear different once it is deployed to the display.  This may include the text looking like a different font or being larger or smaller on the display.  There can be a couple reasons for this:


1) The font type you are using in the Virtual Machine is not loaded onto the display.

If you look closely at the font type when loaded on the display compared to the virtual machine you should notice a difference.  It could also be possible you are using simular looking font types but these types have different sizes.  To load a font onto the display for use in Qt please see the knowledge base article: Adding custom fonts (Qt and Virtual Machine)


2) You could be specifying your font size with 'pt' instead of 'px'

Font sizes should be specified using 'px' (pixels).  If you have your application size in the Virtual Machine set to the resolution of the display you are working with than if you specify your font sizes with 'px' the size should appear on the display exactly as it does in the Virtual Machine.  When setting a font with style sheets in Qt, the default will be 'pt'.  You should change this to 'px'.

By Default, fonts will be set up by point size 'pt':

This should be changed to specifying font size with pixel size 'px':