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Use USB to serial (RS232) on CCP VA/VC

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It is possible to connect an USB to serial(RS232) to a CCpilot VA (or VC). The dongle you procure should have a chip from FTDI or PL2303. If so the USB port shows up as a tty-serial device in the VA (or VC).

USB-to-Serial dongles are not provided by CrossControl, but there are products available in many Electronic stores. We have tested one simple USB-to-Serial dongle from “Clas Ohlson”, which is a large electronics store in Sweden. As reference, here is an example (Note: Swedish language), where this one contains the PL2303 chip:


Known limitations

Apparently, the modules for USB-serial are not loaded automatically in the latest versions of the OS for VA/VC. To initiate USB-to-serial devices, do the following steps:
  1. Connect your USB to serial dongle to the USB port

  2. Reboot the VA device

  3. When unit has rebooted, use command "lsusb". You should see your Serial connection in the list.

  4. Enable the serial service for your adapter. Use the command that suit the adapter you use:

    $ modprobe usbserial
    $ modprobe ftdi_sio
    $ modprobe pl2303

    Could also be useful to try and set vendor and product info in the “modprobe” command:

    $ modprobe ftdi_sio vendor=0x0403 product=0x6015

  5. When unit has rebooted, use command "lsusb". You should see your Serial connection in the list.

There have been problems with a specific FTDI ChipSet - FTDI FT230X. Using an adapter with this chipset fails on our devices.
The chipset has the vendor/product ID:         0403:6015

We have not looked at any industrial grade versions of such a USB-Serial dongle.