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VC / VA CCAux Issues Fix

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For some versions of the OS on the VC and VA displays there are issues when using CODESYS and the CCAux libraries.  These usually present by the CCAux function call returning a 'not supported' error.  These may only present for some CCAux functions.  

These errors are due to libraries being installed in two seperate places and libraries from the wrong location being used.  If you suspect you may have these issues please use the auto script below.  The auto script will fix the issue of libraries being installed in multiple places.  Using this script shouldn't hurt the display or your application.  In short, it removes the ccaux libraries from '/opt/lib' and makes sure libraries in '/usr/lib' are up to date.

To use:

  • Download and extract the 'vc_va_ccaux_fix.zip' file to the root directory of a USB and insert it into the display
  • Wait for the display to reboot.  Once it begins rebooting remove the USB.

After the display has finished rebooting the library issue should be corrected.

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Environment and Versions: