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XM2 CODESYS - Full Screen and removing the mouse pointer

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By default, CODESYS on the XM2 will show up as a window and instead of taking up the entire screen.  There will also be a mouse pointer shown.  This article shows how the user can make CODESYS appear full screen and without a mouse pointer.

  • Log into the device
  • Type 'cd /usr/bin'
  • Type 'mount -o remount, rw /'
  • Type 'nano mini-x-session'
  • Scroll down with the arrow keys and modify the last line of the file to say 'exec matchbox-window-manager –use_cursor no –use_titlebar no'
  • Once complete, save the file with ctrl+x. It will ask you if you want to save and overwrite the file.
  • Type 'mount –o remount,ro /'
  • Reboot the display by typing 'reboot'

Once rebooted, CODESYS should appear as a full screen application without a mouse pointer. 

Note: This seems to cause the CODESYS window to be offset slightly.  You can fix this by making the y position of the CODESYS application a negative value.



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