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Web Order

Welcome to CrossControl's on-line service where you can  place orders for products, accessories and starter-kits.

How it works

Use the web- as a normal web shop. After creating an account and selecting products, a web-order is sent to our order management which will return with an order acknowledgement including information on delivery and payment information. You then acknowledge the order by performing the payment as described. You have not committed to any orders until you have accepted the order acknowledgement.

Fast delivery

For ordering evaluation and getting started units outside forecasted orders, we have a selection of products with faster delivery lead times. By selecting fast delivery products you ensure to get the shortest possible delivery time.

Want to place serial delivery and forecast orders

Please contact your sales representative or order management representative to place volume and serial production orders as well as order forecasts.

Available Products

Displays and Controllers

  • CCpilot XA 7"
    WVGA, 4GB, Linux, standard/all-integrated, VESA mount
  • CCpilot XM 10"/12"
    8GB, Linux/Windows, standard/all-integrated, VESA mount
  • CrossCore XM 8GB, Linux
  • CCpilot XS 10"
    4GB, Linux, standard/all-integrated
  • CCpilot VI 3.2"
    QVGA, 16 MB, standard, VESA mount
  • I/O Controllers
    CrossFire CX and CrossFire MX


Starter Kits contain Cables, power supply and, getting started guide and training voucher and are available for the CCpilot XM and the CCpilot XA.

Accessories and Cables

We also provide cabling, plugs, power supplies and further accessoires which fit to our units. Those parts can of course be ordered separately.

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